It all started with the ads  for Black & White Scotch in issues of Post Magazines in the  1950’s.  There was thi​s cute little white dog…and I wanted one.   However I would have to wait until I was grown-up, married, with a home  of my own before I would get my first Westie. 

In the  spring of 1968, I started to look for a Westie in earnest.  I contacted  one breeder near me but she had no puppies for sale at the time.  I  eventually found Ida Weaver in Woodinville, WA and purchased my first  Westie, Weavers Highland Design, a female I called Kiltie.  Kiltie was  very well bred; her sire was a Best in Show winner.  Although Kiltie was  sold as a show prospect, my skill at trimming as well as handling was  not adequate enough for the conformation ring at that time.  I did  obtain a Companion Degree with Kiltie; she finished with scores over  190, excellent for a Westie.  Kiltie was bred once and had a litter of  puppies in 1970; one of which we kept, a male my children named Charlie.

After  Kiltie & Charlie’s death in early 1978, I decided that I wanted to  get another Westie, and this time I wanted to show it in Conformation.   After trying unsuccessfully to find a Westie locally (I was then living  in Alberta, Canada), I purchased a female from Patsy Gustin, Acreages  Kennels in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Her name was Acreages Teeter Tot; I  called her Callie.  I had also admired another female that Patsy had,  and asked for a puppy from her when she was bred. 

Acreages  Teeter Tot was shown and finished her Canadian Championship in 1980.   My new male puppy arrived in the spring of 1980 to join Callie.  His  name was Acreages Toby of Lanarkstone (the Kennel name I had chosen).   Toby finished his Canadian Championship in 1982.  He and Callie were  joined by a third Westie, Ginger in 1982.  I bred Callie to Toby to  produce my first litter of two puppies, 1 male and 1 female.  I kept the  female on a co-ownership and showed her to her Canadian Championship,  finishing her also in 1982. 

From 1980 I have owned  and/or bred 52 Champions in both Canada and the US, averaging about 2  Champions each year.  I was an active member of the Canadian West  Highland White Terrier Club, The All Terrier Club of Alberta, the  Lethbridge and District Kennel Club, as well as joining the West  Highland White Terrier Club of Puget Sound in 1983 & the West  Highland White Terrier Club of American in 1987 (applied in 1986, but it  took a long time to become a member) while living in Alberta. In the  winter of 1987-88 I moved from Alberta back to my home in Renton, WA.  I  became more active in the West Highland White Terrier Club of Puget  Sound, serving on the Board of Directors, as the Rescue Chairperson,  Breeder Referral person, and later as Club Vice President, then Club  President.  I am still active on the Board; serving as Membership  Chairperson, and Breeder referral.  I also am a founding member of the  All-Terrier Club of Western Washington, was on the Board of that Club,  and I have been serving as Club Treasurer for the past 10 to 15 years.  I  have also been a member of The West Highland White Terrier Club of  England since 1990.  I have researched and developed a database of over  40,000 West Highland White Terriers worldwide, much of which I made  available to the K-9 Ped online database.   ur paragraph here.